Here is a revised fixture list for the remainder of the season on the run up to the change over to the World Handicapping System in November.

All of the medal dates below will run as optional medal days, this means you can book a time as normal and opt in to play in the event or decide just to play a normal round.

Supplementary cards are also now allowed although all current handicaps this year will not lapse as we move over to the WHS, therefore those members with no scores in their file will maintain their handicap this year. To clarify, if submitting a supplementary card please check submitting a score in the rules below.


5th Wed Wednesday Medal (Blue Tee)
15th Sat August Medal + Club Champ. Q
17th Mon Club Champ RD1 (A) 1650-1720
18th Tue Club Champ RD1 (A) 1650-1720
19th Wed Club Champ RD1 (B) 1650-1720
20th Thu Club Champ RD2 (A) 1650-1720
21st Fri Club Champ SEMI-FINALS (A) 1650,1700 (B) 1710,1720
23rd Sun Club Champ FINALS DAY (A) 0830,1300 (B) 0840,1310


5th Sat September Medal
9th Wed Wednesday Medal


7th Wed Wednesday Medal (Blue Tee)
24th Sat October Medal (Blue Tee)

Competition Rules

  • Scoring/Submitting Cards – Scores will be recorded by one member of the group. At the completion of play he/she will verbally agree each players hole-by-hole score. After that, he/she will take a clear picture of the 3 scores on the scorecard and email the picture to before the leaving the club. Importantly, all players names must be clearly marked on the scorecard. We do not require the card to be submitted in any other method.
  • Flagsticks – shall remain in the hole at all times. Therefore, the ball will only be considered holed when any part of the ball comes to rest below the surface of the putting green.
  • Bunkers – If a player’s ball comes to rest in a bunker, the player will proceed as follows:
    Modified Local Rule E-3: When a player’s ball lies in a bunker in a footprint or divot mark, the player may take free relief once by placing the ball 6 inches, not nearer the hole from the spot of the original ball and with no smoothing of the area before placing.
  • Traffic Management Stakes & Rope – These are to be treated as “Immovable Obstructions”, free relief from interference by an immovable obstruction may be taken under Rule 16.1 (1 club length from the nearest point of relief not closer to the hole). The player has extra options if the obstruction is close to the putting green and on the line of play which are outlined on the score card.

Please do not touch any of the stakes.
And also if you can stay out of the rough!!!