Members Liaison Committee

Current Members Liaison Committee

Captain – John Murdoch

Vice Captain – Guy Dalziel

Members – Evlyn Raistrick, Chris Lannin, Iain Clark, Duncan Mennie, Rodney French,

Company Representatives – Martin Andrews, Derek Scott, Jonathan Porteous

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World Handicapping System

Member Letter October 19th 2020

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Minutes from the meeting 28th Aug 2023

Minutes from the meeting 8th May 2023

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2022 Captains Report

Minutes from the MLC AGM 5th Nov 2022

Minutes from the Meeting 5th Nov 2022

Minutes from the Meeting 22nd Aug 2022

Minutes from the MLC Meeting 6th June 2022

Minutes from the MLC Meeting 21st Feb 2022

Minutes from the MLC meeting 6th December 2021

Minutes from the MLC AGM 6th Nov 2021

Minutes from the MLC Meeting 6th Nov 2021

2021 Captains Report


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