Craigielaw Junior Player Pathway

Where better to come and learn and develop as a golf other than Craigielaw Golf club situated on Scotland’s Golf Coast?

Here at Craigielaw we have a fantastic set up to help your child learn a new sport grow as a golfer and meet new friends.

Golf is becoming an increasingly popular sport again. Our team of experienced PGA Professionals here at Craigielaw provide a relaxed and fun environment using first class facilities for your child to improve, learn and have fun playing the game of golf.


  • Child’s Golf Skills
  • Improved Mindset
  • Fitness
  • Life Skills


  • Instructional Videos
  • Skills Challenges
  • Quizzes
  • Self-Assessments
  • Leaderboards



Player Pathway


Fun & basics

Basic fundamentals of the golf game; Stance, Hold, Body position, along with fun games and basic routines to help our knowledge of the game.

Learning about the golf clubs within your golf bag and what each club does to help you.


Activities & more technical

Basic movements of the golf swing, mechanics of the swing and an understanding of how to move “with the golf club”.

At this stage we will also look into basic rules and etiquette of golf, and an introduction to the golf course.


Apply learning to Golf course

At this stage of the process we will look to work on getting a handicap for the south links and starting with south links medals.

We will also look at small competitions against other golf clubs, at this point there will be lots of improvement to be seen and continue to work on, with progression to main course starting with 9 holes and developing from there.


Just Beginning/Early Learner, at this stage the juniors do not require much golfing skill set or understanding of the game (everyone needs to start somewhere). Getting to meet the professionals and learning the basics of the swing and equipment start with some basic etiquette and rules.


Introduction into group coaching sessions with at least one of our PGA professionals coaching the ability to understand the basics of the golf swing.


Have an understanding of your own golf swing, showing an ability to take advanced instruction, awareness of the golf clubs in their bag . 3 hole Introduction to our South links par 3 course supervised by a PGA Professional.


  • Advanced coaching in smaller groups or, 1 to 1.
  • Ready to join our South links membership and achieve handicap.
  • Play in club South links medals.
  • Enrolled into the clubs Junior East Lothian Golf 6s squad.
  • South links scoring average of 25 or better.


  • Craigielaw Golf Club Junior Member (main course).
  • Handicap for main course.
  • Green or Blue tee medals.
  • Scoring average below 100.


  • Craigielaw Member.
  • Team member (summer and winter league team).
  • Craigielaw Competitions.
  • Open Competitions.
  • Single figure handicap.

7. Craigielaw Junior Trust Fund

Junior Trust Fund @ Craigielaw

In 2010 the club successfully set up a trust fund to assist our junior members reach their full potential within the game. Funds are generated by donations from Craigielaw members and some fund raising activities, all donations are kindly matched by Weymss and March Estates. These funds are essential in helping Craigielaw deliver our Junior development programme and we thank all who donate to the fund.

April 7th
Fun/ Open Day (Grant)

Junior group block coaching

Friday 28th April – Friday 19th May 2-3pm

Friday 9th June – Friday 30th June 2-3pm

Friday 25th August – Friday 15th September 2-3pm

Junior Holiday Camps

April 10th – 14th 1-2 pm

July 24th – 28th July 1.30-3.30pm

October 16th – 20th 1-2pm

South Links Medals

Sunday 23rd @ 2pm

Sunday 7th @2pm
Sunday 21st. @2pm

Sunday 4th @2pm
Sunday 18th @2pm

Sunday 23rd. or 30th @2pm

Sunday 27th @2pm

Sunday 3rd South Links Championship Qualifier @2pm

Sunday 10th South Links Championship Matchplay @1pm

Sunday 1st @1pm

Sunday 29th Junior OOM final